So i get so many questions all the time about what products i use so here are 5 that i can’t live without!

1.- embryolisse face cream.- this is the best face cream ive ever tried really, a favourite on shoots too! it feels thick and moisturising without leaving your skin really greasy! may not be the best if you have oily skin but as mine is really dry its a godsend! i use it before bed at night and also before i do my makeup too! it seems to help clear up blemishes and even skin tone too i feel!

2.- lush cosmetics solid deodorant.- this is a really good natural deodorant free from all the bad stuff like aluminium etc!we gotta take care of our bodies dont we! beware though it does dry out so i keep mine in a sandwich bag after i use it haha!

3.- benefit they’re real mascara.- i never ever really use benefit at all except from theyre “hoola” bronzer which is really good! but i got a tester of this mascara while buying something else and was pleasantly surprised! it is amazing! i do actually feel like im wearing false eyelashes!

4.- tangle teezer.- this brush can seriously get knots out of your hair in seconds! my hair is starting to get really long and therefore its starting to knot really easy these days and this helps me detangle without breaking my hair! it also works really well at detangling your extensions too!

5.- lush cosmetics dream cream.- this is by far the best body moisturiser i have tried its really intense but not so bad that you end up slimey all day and it leaves a really nice sheen on your skin! apparently its really good when you have tattoos too! lush products are never tested on animals and some fo theyre products are completely vegan too!

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